A customer of ours called into Customer Support and asked this question. They said to just send them the widgets she wants, and they will put them into a table for her.


But, she wanted to do this herself, so here is the email I sent back to her describing how:



Hi <deleted>;
Support is right, the easiest way to do this is probably just to have them do it.
But...if you want to do it yourself, it just takes a little "reverse engineering" of the html code, which is easier than it sounds:
Create a Custom Page.
Insert a table  and stretch it out as wide as you want to.

Put your first name in the first box, your last name in the 2nd, etc…

Click HTML at the top of the toolbar     and look at the code.

You should be able to figure out what you’re looking at. Just find your first name and replace that with the code for your first Widget. Find your last name and replace that with the code for your 2nd widget, etc… Then click Update.
Hopefully, that’s not too confusing for you. But you can see, it takes some "reverse engineering," which is why it’s sometimes easier just to have our Customer Support do it for you. They’re just going to "reverse engineer" the code for you though...