How to change in the browser tab to one of your own.

These are called FAVICONS.

First, upload your FAVICON into the 'IMAGES FOLDER' of your Custom Files Management.

Then click "GET URL" to the right of your FAVICON in the Images Folder, and COPY this http:// address you see. Then you can click OK and just close the Custom Files Manager.

Go to Toolkit --> Website Editor --> Search Engine Optimization

Scroll down to the "Additional Head Content" box, and PASTE this code into it:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

but replace the blue portion of that code with the http:// address you copied for your FAVICON from the Custom Files Manager.

Save the 'Search Engine Optimization' section and reload your website!

 - Side note - 

Because of the way computers work, occasionally you can get "locked in" a cookie and you won't see your change reflected. 

In this case, your could delete your cookies, close the browser, and reopen it.

Although, sometimes just closing the browser and trying again works without having to delete the cookies.